Insanity Workout Schedule

Insanity Workout Schedule

Since the Insanity Workout was introduced in 2009 by fitness workout supplier Beachbody it has helped many. Its creator and instructor Shaun T has developed an Insanity workout schedule to help all that try it and want a fitter body.

The Insanity Workout schedule has 10 DVDs with fitness routines. The entire program lasts around 60 days of intense workouts for an hour each day. He has also thrown in some rest time for recovery during your Insanity Workout schedule. This workout program has cardio exercises that work more with body weight resistance and not equipment, such as weights. You will be working at high intensity throughout each routine. It will be a few minutes of working to all your power with short breaks last about 30 seconds in-between. Each workout goes back and forth with this process for around an hour for each workout.

When deciding to take part in this workout you need to be sure you are in fairly good health and shape because it is an intense workout. Checking with your doctor is a good idea. You also need to wear comfortable shoes and active wear to help yourself be more comfortable and free to move during the routines. Another important element of the Insanity workout schedule is doing each part of the exercises properly. Shaun T will instruct you on each movement to help teach you each step to proper movement and form for the exercises.

The Insanity workout schedule is detailed, but those participating don’t have to worry. Everything they need included helping them through. The Insanity workout schedule starts with the first month. There are five different 30-minute workouts. These cardio sessions will work the entire body on a rotating basis. There will also be a day to rest and recover to help you get the best results as well as protecting your body. Next in the Insanity workout schedule is the second month routines. This part of the Insanity workout schedule has four workouts added to your dedicated fitness time. You continue with maximum workouts focusing on cardio then you step it up during this time. You will be working your core, abs, upper and lower body as you build on the work from the first month’s routines.

When working on the Insanity workout schedule you will be getting variety. It helps you stay focused and excited about the program. This method will also help you get the best results as your muscles have the opportunity to get the most work. This is a program that is taking you to your maximum!

Another important element of the Insanity workout schedule that helps provide results is your nutrition. There is not a diet that goes along with this program. Nevertheless, eating a healthy diet is important and the program comes with a nutritional guide to help you eat the best foods and have energy for your exercise routines.

Starting on the Insanity workout schedule means you need to be dedicated. Not only do you dedicate your time, but your work effort.

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